The Oathbreaker War

36 years ago, a civil war split Cetria apart. The primary aggressor was Ghainna the First, the monarch of one of the Republic’s city-states, who seemed possessed of one of the most powerful pacts in history. By some means she managed to compel many of her followers to break their existing pacts, forsake their daimons, and forge new bonds with more powerful and volatile patrons. She styled herself the Prismatic Empress of all of Cetria, and set out to prove it.

The Prismatic Empress conquered two other city-states quickly — one by subverting its leadership before she pressed her claim, one by force of arms. But for all her advantages, she was defeated and overthrown in the war for her fourth vassal state. Her Chromatic Knights were cast down, Ghainna herself was slain, and her daimon sent back to whatever void it came from.

At present, many people still remember the war. It informs old grudges, old alliances, and — most importantly for our narrative — inspired the Constellatus Academy’s current course.

[Note: This will be updated as we define city-states.]

The Oathbreaker War

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