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The Cetrian Republic

The Oathbreaker War
The Cetrian City-States
Cetrian Demographics

Constellatus Academy

House Sylphas
House master: Master Tenebre

Sylphas Cohorts

Owl Cohort
Chariot Cohort
Raven Cohort

House Gnomon
House master: Master Proth

Gnomon Cohorts

Behemoth Cohort
Stag Cohort
Hunter Cohort

House Salamandra
House master: Master Azaiya

Salamandra Cohorts

Fox Cohort
Phoenix Cohort
Banshee Cohort

House Yndine
House master: Master Tou Vu

Yndine Cohorts

Leviathan Cohort
Dolphin Cohort
Shark Cohort

House Akash
House master: Master Yozu

Akash Cohorts

Thunderbolt Cohort
Maiden Cohort
Ouroboros Cohort

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