Three things worth knowing:

  • In the Cetrian Republic, almost everyone has some form of supernatural gift through a pact with a spirit, angel, even a fiend — as a group, referred to as daimons. Most of these gifts are humble: a farmer’s pact with a water daimon that waters her crops, an innkeeper’s pact with a hearth daimon that protects the establishment. Some are the stuff of heroes and legends.
  • The Cetrian Republic is largely rebuilt from the Oathbreaker War that took place 36 years ago, where the self-proclaimed Prismatic Empress attempted to unify the city-states under a single monarchy. She was overthrown, her daimons banished and her Chromatic Knights cast down, but the nation was left grievously wounded.
  • To preserve peace and further cooperation among the city-states, most of whom still favor old wounds from the wars, many promising young souls from the Republic are sent to Constellatus Academy. These cadets — some born to high class, others humble but gifted — are assigned to Houses and cohorts patterned after the 15 constellations of the zodiac. There, it is hoped, they will find much in common with their fellow students from other city-states, forging diplomatic bonds that will last as they become prominent citizens and leaders. They also will learn tactics and combat techniques to fight and lead efficiently, humanely, and only with cause — should another conflict to rival the Oathbreaker War rise, the Constellatus graduates will be trained to resolve it.

Of the fifteen cohorts enrolled at Constellatus Academy, one is on the cusp of distinguishing itself…

Constellatus Academy: Phoenix Cohort

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